Largo Florida Stop the Hate

As you can tell from this photo that I wasnt going to take any shit from anyone and not allow anyone to push me or my partner around. After them A-Holes CUT my flag pole down, I put it back up. The story to follow:


This site is to bring awareness to a huge issue in Largo Florida: HATE CRIMES...


Seeing the pictures above, there is a big story for each one. If youll notice the golf cart, the mini suv and van, they have stated that they are deathly afraid of us but are driving past our house daily and there really was no reason for them to do so. The pictures of the injuries, this is from the golf cart slamming into my partner riding that bike above at about 20mph from the rear, story to follow. Police did nothing to the man when he stalked my partner to the community pool, threatened him calling him a fuc*en fag, tried to hit him, a witness stepped in, police were called, the report will be posted since it a matter of public record. The police refused to speak with the witness, said the man used foul language but didnt hit anyone so no crime happened, but he said he was sorry. Then two years later runs my partner down trying to kill him. As you can see, we had put alot of money into our house, some 50K and it showed. The big issue was the picture of my partner above, the wives really liked when he walked around without a shirt on, the husbands didnt like it (jealousy is a bitch, isn't it) and they attempted to pass an HOA rule to ensure he wore a shirt when he was out, riding is bike or walking around, this was because they were jealous of his body and that they were fat and out of shape. The rule failed and so they tried another course of action. The further pages will go step by step on what had happen, how the hate crime came into place, how the community management brushed it under the rug and how the Largo Fl ploice covered it up, when it was brought up and wanting to have them look further into it, we were told that if we pursued that course of action, that they would open up a stalking case against my partner and eight months he was arrested on trumped up charges costing 25K. The person who made up the charges, was caught lying in court, she lied on her police complaint, police used faulty software to determine the validity of a paraody videothat was made and with in three hours issues a probable cause warrent. Below, you be the judge.

Well here we are, April 2009, Charlie, myself and a friend went looking for a house in the Down Yonder Community Park, it always looked nice, it was all adult, a 55+ community, but I was able to get in, they needed to allow 42 and up in to meet some quota. The place we looked at was a large 4 bed room, much older home, the floors were sinking in, meaning lots of floor work, it needed tons of care plus the outside was a dark pumpkin brown. I wanted to throw up, so Caress and I went for a walk, leaving Charlie there talking with the owner. As we walked, we seen a house for sale on the corner, it was nice, and for the price, perfect. I called them and meet up with them a few hours later. The guy from the pumpkin home found out, didn't like it, started rumors that Charlie was a drug dealer.

As I mentioned Baba, he was way out there, his wife would love to stare at Charlie as he worked out in the yard, or when he was on the pourch, he would catch her staring at him, this at times would freaked him out, but hell why not, he has a body that most liked looking at. That pissed off Baba. He Killed two of our pine trees because he didn't like cleaning up the needles, he then began dumping tons of dirt at the base of one of our trees saying "Im trying to help you out and build up the yard" that was BS, he just didn't want to get rid of the dirt so he dumped it on us. He got on a ladder and re-positoned our back yard security light into the air so it would not shine in the yard as he was partying on the weekends. I guess he didn't like it when Charlie made fun of the carpet he wore on top his head. We got into it with him and he stopped after his wife passed and he moved away. Thank GOD for that.

The neighbor behind the new house came by, his name was known as BABA and was full of himself and of IT! The neighbor accross the street his name was was BAD DON, he had a license plate saying that as well, total nut case plus he had a one eyed dog that he allowed to run all over shitting in everyones yard. Well we moved in, we gave several things to Don, air conditioner and other things and when the free things stopped, this nut case really showed out. He attempted to run Charlie over twice while in his car, he would get into shouting matches with Charlie over the garbage blowing in our yard and that his dog was shitting in our yard, Charlie kept running him out, the dog that is daily, Charlie kept picking up the crap. He called the dog pound since the community mgt refused to do anything about it. Bad Don then yelled out to Charlie, "I have a bullet and it has your name on it" well of course the police said they could do anything unless he shoots Charlie, now how messed up is that. Any how, Bad Don ended up leaving the community.

Charlie discovered facebook and opened his own page, it was a rant page, a place he could vent, a place he could release, I worked some 16 hour days, I was an overnight, promoted to a manager then to Director which took alot of my time running 8 residential facilities. If you pissed off Charlie, you made his facebook page, now whether it would be in good taste or not and everyone has that right to accept it or not. Everyone in the community was blocked from seeing the page, he only had a few friends. These nosey M/Fers would create fake facebook pages just to see what Charlie was saying. Now good taste or bad, it was his own page, he didn't friend request, email, text, instant gram or call anyone, they chose to seek him out and see what he was saying. It's the pandora box theory, if you know it's something you souldn't see, don't seek it out, don't open the door, don't open the box because you just might not like what people are saying about you. Charlie would put horns on them, color their eyes red, swastikas on thier fore heads, would make comments like "Look the Ass holes are back" again, this was intended to be only for him, his own rant page, of course we knew that they were reading his pages just from the talk from the neighbors within the community.

Now with that being said, as strong as it sounds for Charlie, many of times he was found by me crying, depressed, kind of lost in moods that I couldn't get thru too and this would last for days at times. I would do my best to keep things together, but thru his eyes, these people he really didn't know some how hated him for what he was or for how their wifes acted when he was around. What ever the case, Charlie was depressed 80% of his life while we lived there. Now understand that this isn't a "Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it" I had enough streangth for the both of us. By no mean was Charlie ever short on words, but my dad raised no pussies neither, we were fighters, but when the person you love is going through this hell, what you do if put in them shoes.

Now as I mentioned above, Charlie liked to work, ride his bike and walk around without his shirt and the comments he would get from the older women just pissed off their husbands. So a bunch of the community HOA residents attempted to stop him and get some fictitious rule to get him to wear a shirt. We were members of the HOA at the time, I had to work so Charlie went to the meeting to address the HOA about the shirt issue, all the "SO CALLED FRIENDS" didnt say one word in Charlies behalf, some real friends, but they sure did support him when the meeting was done and everybody left. The rule never passed since ELS, Equity Life Styles, said that this is Florida, everyone goes around without shirts. The husbands stated that if offends the women, which again pissed the hell out of the husbands and still the rule they wanted "FAILED" So the communities little click began their attack on us.

Here is What Charles looked like before and after the OLD POOP ran him down like a dog in the road, then has the nerve to say "That me and my girlfriend FEAR for our lives" and looky looky here are pictures of him, his freak of a girlfriend and his family in the white van, doing nothing,,, but harassing Charles by driving by the house, taunting Charles. There was no reason for them to even come by since they FEAR for their lives, but the City of LARGO seems to think its just fine for them to FEAR for their lives and just drive on by harassing us. Think about it... FEAR for their LIVES.. Really!!

This is what our house looked like when we were FORCED out of it by DOWN YONDER/ELS 50,000.00 LOST

Here is what happens when it rains! Drive thru that!!

This Charlie and Me, together almost 19 years, yeah I can see why they hate us so much.. they can't stay married let along together.. Jealous, what a terrible thing....

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THE HATE!!!!! They got away with in LARGO!!!!!

The Attempted MURDER while on a bike, and LARGO looked the other way!!! Figure that!!

This what I drove over for years damaging my car and the community Mgr LEFT it like this, who cares its just two fags right??

This is what Down Yonder and the HOA didnt like, they put their attorneys on us and forced us out of our home. I never thought in a million years that old people were this BAD. A word of advice, STAY OUT OF LARGO AND THE DOWN YONDER COMMUNITY OWNED BY EQUITY LIFESTYLES... Unless you just want to throw your money away....

Well just a fast update, today 4/12/16 I filed a complaint with the 

Pinellas County Sheriffs Office about Charlies experience, well guess

what was sitting outside my work site... a Pinellas County Sheriffs SUV.

Hmmm can we call that INTIMIDATION!!! Im not going away guys, I will

speak mine and Charlies story, no matter how much intimidation or

harassment I get from you, your friends or any officials. You will not 

shut me up, gage me or other wise silence me, nothing Im doing is 

against the REAL LAW, what you may make up, I will not listen to. SO 

put on and buckle your seat belts, Its going to be a LONG RIDE!!

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