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If you notice the first picture; it shows what a golf cart at 20mpr can do when it rams you from behind. The flag pole, story will be listed below, but they cut it down, damaging my car. They did what they could to drive us out and the police, who is there to serve and protect, could care less, more on that in a bit. Now you probably are asking, where is the hate crime? In 2013 my partner was stalked at the community pool, verbally attacked with a witness there, called a "fuc*en faggot" and was about to get punched, buy 70ish year old a resident with in the community, we were not into hitting old people. Police chose not to do anything and the community ditto even though the rules say other wise. More on that later.

This site is to bring awarness to you the viewer of the wrongful and hateful percussion of men and women of a different orientation or as most say "sexual orientation" How the community we lived in chose to overlook the hateful percussion, chose to take part in a hate crime themselfs, how they and the City of Largo / Police Department chose to cover up the hate crime then used threats and intimidation to get us to do what they wanted and as they say. They strip away your first amendment rights, have you arrested on trumped up charges. The following information you will see is matter of public records, so there is nothing the local authorities can do or say. List of elected public officials who refuse to get involved or to do anything. The name of the community that we bought a house in and put 50,000.00 into it making it the show place of the community and how they forced us out trying to take it for themselfs with bogus claims of wrongful doings. A word to the wise, do not by any properties from Equity Life Styles or in the Down Yonder Community in Largo, your life as you know it will change for the worst. Now this isnt one of them woh is me stories, this isnt one of them cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it stories, this is truly one of hate, threats and intimidation just because we, you are different, were GAY! OMG, Gay you say, stone them, man isnt to lay with man. Oh you can be gay, you just can love someone true to your heart. Gay as you readers know, isnt something we just woke up one day and said "oh hell, Ill be gay" this is something we are born as, something GOD chose us to be, but not something we chose just to have jackasses taunt or tease or kill you over and in our case not just hate but one of jealously.